The Middle East – Months


Wake me in the morning/ Gon’ wake me up at night/ Ain’t got no use for sleeping anymore/ Ain’t got enough time/ For myself/Or time for my friends/ And, and I can’t even write/ Just wake me up, it’s fine

Let me go away, Hitch/ Away from where we’ve grown/ I’ve got dirty and did wandering/ Through bars and foreign family homes/ And I had never have cared/ To be alone/ Now I just wanna feel/ How you would feel/ Left at home

Hey Hitch, hey Hitch/ I’m coming home/ Hey Ma, hey Pa/ I’m coming home/ Hey dirt, hey tree, hey little girl/ I’m coming come/ Hey heat, hey Chris/ I’m coming home

Well I’ve seen many places/ And they all been seen before/ I done lost my Jack Luck spirit/I’m goin’ back to Hitch at home